Car won't start / no syschecks


So today I was backin out of a parking spot and I stalled my car by accident. Oops.

What system or circuit does the ECU control that would cause it to not perform its initial check?

When I take out the ECU fuse, I turn the key to RUN and the battery and oil light come on, but not the check engine. If I turn the key, something clicks and its like it wants to start but it doesn't crank.

However, If I leave the ECU fuse in and try this, none of it happens. No lights, no click, nothing.

All the other interior electrics work, blinkers, etc. Any ideas?


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Clicking noise sounds like a bad starter solenoid, assuming you checked the battery voltage and the condition of the cables already.

The easiest way to check the solenoid/relay is to do the starter solenoid by-pass test.