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I’m in the process of making carbon fiber parts like door handle inserts and OEM steering wheel airbag delete. Just wondering if anyone would buy? Rite now I’m waiting on the resin to come in the mail.


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What background do you have working with CF? Any pics of previous parts made? I do fiberglass boat and waverunner repairs here n now, i can do CF work but HATE the moving weave and time to make perfect... What exactly are you looking to make, how many, cost, timeline, pics are worth all the ching here... id be interested in all for an EG -- fog pods, wiper cowl, rear wing (not stock but not Back Yard style, inbetween.. i have a perfect wing for mold) tailgate and maybe a roof skin.. lets see what you can do..

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What going on man. I don’t have any experience with cf. I’m just learning as I go. I don’t want to put the wagon in front of the horse yet. I’m just starting off with little things first. I don’t see much of anything for my car. I made fiber glass molds for the steering wheel airbag and the door handle inserts. Just waiting on the resin to try it.


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No selling here as per site requirements. 30 days / 30 posts. Sorry.

In to see how your parts come out, though!

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