Changing AC compressor


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Bought a ac compressor for my car it's a 2001 Honda civic ex 2 dr. The replacement compressor is a little different with the wiring, the one that came off my car has a red wire and a black ground wire that goes to the clutch, the replacement compressor has only one wire going to the ac clutch, will the replacement still work. 30640
the one pictured on the bottom is the one that came off my car, the one on top is the replacement I bought at a salvage yard. An6 help would be appreciated.



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It looks like it got ripped out and is no good. I’d take it back to where you got it

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I bought a new one, but the new one doesn't have the studs in the compressor to bolt the lines back on with, wondering what size bolt I need to just bolt them back on instead of using the studs and the nut.