Civic EG 1.3 budget build

Hi. Just bought my First Honda.
Bought it to have it like a daily but that escalated real quick
Started painting and shaving the engine bay then I lowered it a bit more and changed the 16” to 15”.
Will do it for now until I can buy some 15” Steelies
When I bought it.

Started shaving the engine bay

Then i started to paint the car

After that it was time for the engine bay again

Was at my buddys junkyard yesterday and picked up a front lip for an Opel Astra. Fits really well except on the sides it’s to short

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Almost finished the engine bay today. Just need to lay down some flake on the hood and it’s good to go

Also put the Kanjozoku sticker on

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Hey I’ve done a good job on the engine bay and paint. I would do the same with my car but I just don’t have the tyme 2 finish it

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