civic ek parts

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Hey waz up I have some parts for sale. I have a 99-00 type r front lip made by wing west that are very rare and hard to find for sale its a polyurathene front lip wich meens it wont brake . I also have the rear lip to an 96-00 coupe or four door type r style ... And also for sale I have an cold air intake made by injen the black one for an 96-00 honda civic it was orderd for an 00 si but could fit any civic with SOHC or DOHC engines....
The price for the front lip polyurathene is $110
The rear lip abs plastic is $75
The INJEN cold air intake is 175
All these items are used but under good condition
For any info please email me at for more info thanks


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pics of the rear lip?

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