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Is ATF Full Synthetic that Jiffy Lube put in an acceptable replacement to ATF DW-1 that my owners manual recommends ?


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with automatic trannys i always go with oem factory honda fluids and chemicals with the torque converter and all. hope you trans doesnt start slipping and you cant get past 3rd gear or something crazy. i think with honda you should be fine with whatever they used at quiklube but if you had an european luxury car it could be bad news bears! Not sure but if the tech put in the wrong type of fluid or not enough fluid that can mean death for the tranny. at valvoline instant oil the manager would always turn down customers with bmw because they didnt have the right fluid always go to the dealer but youll pay up! for my manual trans honda calls for factory mtf but i just use 10w 40 engine oil as transmission/gearbox fluid:ban:


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I wouldn't put anything but Honda factory fluids in the car.