civic leaks oil


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so i was doing the d16y7 to d16y8 intake swap and i kept just leaking antifreeze so i gave up and went back to stock intake well after i put the stock intake on i swapped the crank case breather and the antifreeze line. (dumb move i know) well i started the car it ran good and then died so i went to start it and it jsut turned over then the starter was binding so i stopped. well i opend the throttle boddy and it was full of antifreeeze so i pulled the intake off and dumbed it out pulled the plugs dried them out and put them back in. the car just cranked for a minute then came back to life car ran good it smoked alot cause of the antifreeze in the exhause. i did change the oil and oil filter right after i started the car the oiil looked great not milky not wattery nothing. so after this now the car barley wants to start it cranks over like it has a dead battery for a second and then fires up. well i noticed the other day i was leaking a little oil it looked like from the valve cover but i wasnt sure it was on the front left side of the engine. the valve cover vent also blows out a little milky oil and idk y and ideas on what the problem is