Climate control fan position will not change at all (2000 SI)


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Hey guys,

This is my first post here and do I apologize if I am making a duplicate post (though I did search and did not find anything on my specific issue).

I have just recently purchased a 2000 civic SI and as winter weather is starting to roll into my area. A few nights ago I realized the fan position on the climate control will not change! It seems to be stuck on the "face" position, whenever I do go to change the fan position (to anything other position) a clicking noise will begin and the fan position will not change obviously (the fan does continue to blow out of the "face" position).

This clicking noise quickly stops when the fan position is set back to the "face" option.

This is going to become more and more of an issue as the winter is starting to roll in and I will need to use the defroster to be full functional so I can drive the car.

Any help or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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I had a similar issue at the tail end of winter last season, although mine didnt make any noise. Inspect your Air Vent Actuator Motor. Perhaps the plastic snap-on clip broke. Its located under the driver foot well towards the center console and it looks like this...