Clock spring mechanism catching in steering column_


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Some methamphetamine enthusiasts attempted to gouge out my ignition column. In so doing they managed to damage something behind the steering wheel.

Aside from the damage to the ignition column, I noted a terrible clicking noise when I sharply turn the wheel. And the horn does not work.

The noise is getting worse and the wheel at times gets a little stuck, requiring a firm turn to "free" it.

I'm told that this is because the would be thieves (I caught them in the act and they fled the scene) somehow damaged the steering column so the "clock spring", a steel spring which allows the steering wheel to turn while maintaining electrical contact with the horn, is now catching inside the steering wheel.

I'd like to fix this myself, but before i go into the surgery, I'm wondering, does this require special tools? Is it possible to remove the spring entirely, thus freeing the wheel (though not having a horn)? Any advice going into this one?

any advice appreciated



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hey, check out this tutorial
guess u have all the needed tools