ClubCivic Featured Ride: deftone's 1993 hatchback


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The road that deftone's hatch has taken to get to the point it is now is one of constant change. The journey began about four years ago when he purchased it from a local shop, many mods included. A new motor, four sets of wheels, 3 front bumpers, 2 sets of side skirts, 2 rear bumpers, 2 spoilers, 3 sets of headlights, 2 steering wheels, 2 shift knobs, and 3 sets of seats LATER....we come to the hatch that Clubcivic saw as its next (and first) Featured Ride. With the motivation to drive past its competition, the help of access to a friend's performance shop, and the decision to go take out loans to mod the car, deftone was able to build up quite an impressive mod list. With a good combination of looks and performance, Clubcivic is proud to call deftone's hatch its next Featured Ride.

Mod List

year: 1993
model: H/B si

- Integra LS Motor Swap
- Eagle Rods
- SRP Pistons
- ACL Bearings
- ARP Headstuds
- Balanced
- Micropolished Crank
- Integra Radiator
- (2) Spal Electric Fan
- XS Engineering T3/04E Turbo
- XS Engineering Intercooler
- MP Performance Turbo Manifold
- Tial 38mm Wastegate
- Edelbrock Victor X Intake Manifold (Polished)
- Skunk2 Cam Gears
- Toda GSR Timing Belt
- MSD Ignition
- MSD Cap and Coil
- Nology Hot Wires
- NGK Plugs
- Hayame Fuel Rail (Polished)
- Walboro Fuel Pump
- RC 440 Injectors
- SX Engineering Fuel Pressure Regulator
- Greddy Catch Can
- Greddy E-Manage Fuel Computer
- Hurst Shifter
- Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
- 3\" Thermal R&D Exhuast
- Custom 2.5\"-3\" Stainless Steel Downpipe
- CTR N1 Pulley
- AEM Alternator Pulley
- Chromed Intercooler Piping
- Lokar Dipstick
- Greddy Radiator Cap
- GSR Waterpump
- Polished Throttle Body, Alternator, Distributor, Valve Cover, Reservoir Caps
- Powdercoated Brackets, Tourque and Rear Mounts, Pulleys
- Hidden wiring through fenders
- Battery Relocated to Rear
- Earl\'s Fittings
- Braided Stainless Wastegate and Catch Can Lines
- Urathane Torque and Rear Mounts
- Redline Tranny Fluid

- Progress Coilovers
- Suspension Techniques F & R Swaybars
- APR Front Upper Strut Bar
- Stock Integra Front Lower Strut Bar (Powder Coated Red)
- 18\" Roja Formula 5 Wheels
- Nitto NT555 Tires
- Slotted Rotors
- AEM Brake Pads

- Bomex BM Type 2 Front Bumper
- Zenith Front Bumper
- Bomex 2Dr Side Skirts (2inches to long, had to be fit for the hatchback)
- VIS Stalker Rear Bumper
- Bomex Mirrors
- Bomex Spoiler
- Shaved Hatch
- Shaved Antenna
- TYC One piece Headlights
- JDM Stanley Amber Side Markers
- JDM Thin Side Moldings
- JDM Taillights

- 94 Integra Dash Conversion
- Custom Reshaped Door Panels
- Sparco Flash 5 Steering Wheel
- Type R Shift Knob
- Integra Front and Rear Seats
- Greddy 60mm Boost Gauge
- Greddy 60mm EGT Gauge
- Greddy Turbo Timer
- Greddy E01 Boost Controller Custom Mounted in Center Vents
- Alpine CD Player
- Moroso Battery Box
- Custom Mounted E-Manage with Plexiglass in Airbag Location
- Clifford Alarm
- SPAL Power lock kit

deftone would like to thank: "jason zona, 87hybridcrx. hes rebuilt my motor, built my downpipe, and helped me and gave me a place to work on my car. also any question i have he knows the answer or will go out and find it for me. also my unlce joe maliszewski... he does all my body work for me at dirt cheap. and finally derek, hatch of doom, for all the pics and such."



Welcome my son....
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Kick ass hatchie....

It even made me vote against one of my fav. hatchies on the site.... :lol:

BIG :thumbs up


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thanks to everyone who voted for me! hopefully next year the car will be even better.


f**k The Powers That B
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well deserved :thumbs up


Felony Racing LLC
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Nice job. Thats the first LS swap that has given me a hard on ;)


No Avatar FTW.
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Sick car's got everything...............Featured Ride is well deserved :thumbs up


reppin the 2StockCrew
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rediculously wicked hatch man....awesome...

lovin the 18's...

deftones rock, btw....haha


This is jus the beginning
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Wow... I own a 5 gen hatch... now I want this one! Brillant, Amazing, Super Cool!
Well done on the built & still managing to keep it for 4 years!


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thats a sick ride man. I have a 91 civic and i have the same idea as what you have done with black paint w/ turbo.


1.7 ltrs of fury!!!!
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i gave you props when you first showed up on CC, and I'm still giving you props...that's one dope ass hatch. keep up the good work.