Clutch Safety Switch Replacement/Green Machine Resurrection:


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Just earlier today, as I was attempting to leave work, I put my key into the ignition and experienced a no-start, no-action scenario. I'd initially get the dash lights to come on; and hear the the fuel pump prime; but there were no clicks coming from the starter. After going through all of the simple checks first to diagnose the problem (i.e. battery, headlights, loose cables and wires, plus a jump) my only recourse was to push start my 1994 Honda Civic. As a side note, I knew that it couldn't be the starter, given that I'd replaced that recently.

The moment that I came home, I'd watched a few Youtube videos and was able to deduce that my clutch safety switch was faulty. I did that by unplugging the connector, while bypassing the switch with a paper clip. After doing that, the car tunes over fine.

According the videos that I've seen so far, the instructions would seem to indicate that I would need to remove to entire clutch assembly, in order to replace the clutch safety switch. Is this true, or is there a simpler way?