Compression test - what is the normal range?


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Hi all,

Last night I conducted a compression test related to misfire issues I've had. A mechanic lately suggested I may have a burned valve issue. As such, I only got to do the dry test and got the following values:
Cylinder 1: 155
Cylinder 2: 155
Cylinder 3: 170
Cylinder 4: 180

Are these considered normal range? I know that usually the advice is that it's the relative numbers that matter but I'd imagine that if all of them were at 60psi it may indicate something different if they were all at 250psi. My numbers may suggest a heard gasket leak between 1 and 2. Right? The next step would be a leak down test, I think.


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From what I have read over the years;
Hondas' acceptable ranges, 175-180psi is considered optimal, 128 minimum, & no more then 28psi between cylinders.
Numbers can vary depending on conditions, if car was hot or cold or gauges used.
But being the numbers are consistently lower in 1 and 2, you may be correct in your assumptions of the bad head gasket.