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So recently I shaved and and tucked my engine bay. I also added BC stage two cams, dual Valve springs, and cam gears. I previously had the Burton racing coil on plug kit installed and car ran great with no issues. Put everything back in and noticed I started to have a miss fire. Started trying to diagnose the issue and back tracking to anything I could of changed. I noticed that the coil got hot and melted on cylinder 4. Tested the harness and was getting 5v consistently to the signal wire on just the one cylinder. I assumed there was an issue with the board I received from Burton racing so I purchased a new one and still had the same issue. So I pulled the hondata from the board still have same issue. I went and purchased a new ECU and had everything installed into the new ECU still having the same issue. Pulled the wire harness from the board and engine bay and there is not issues with the harness. Checked at the ECU and says 5v. To the cylinder 4 pin. No one seems to know what is causing this. I also replaced engine harness with another new harness same issue. I am at a loss if anyone may have an idea or if you have heard of what might be causing this please in lighten me.



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When you replace the coil, does it keep getting damaged on the same cylinder? Is it excessive heat?

Can you post photos.

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Hey I was wondering if you figured out the problem with the coil melting, I just had the same problem over the weekend. I bought the kit a few months ago and just finished up my car and it ran good for a few hours and then the coil melted now it won’t even start.