Creaking in the Rear of the Car


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I've recently been gifted a 2000 Honda Civic Ex and drove it from Arizona to Colorado. Mind you, this car was in perfect working order and pretty clean with over 128,000 miles on it (my grandma took incredible car of it). She informed me that she had everything that needed to be fixed or replaced, well, fixed and replaced. But all of a sudden, maybe a month ago, there was this strange creak that would occur whenever I was turning or bouncing. My immediate thought was of course the suspension, so I rock the car a bit and realize the sound only happens when the rear is pushed down, however not when it is pushed side to side. Now I don't know much of anything about cars, but I could tell the suspension was reasonably new. I've tried jacking the car up and shaking the wheels but alas, no creak. I want to get under there and take a good look, but I don't own the jacks that allow you to fully lift your car. It may have been the switch from hot to cold weather, or maybe a safety driving course I took which was a little hard on the car, but other than that I haven't got a clue.


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I think that the squeak is due to loose handbrake, I also had, especially it can be heard when you jack up the front, the back begins to squeak.


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Most Honda Civics over 15 years old generally need to have the rear trailing arm bushings replaced. You can inspect them from under the car easily and see if the bushing is cracked. This is pretty typical on older Hondas. I have a YouTube video showing exactly what I am talking about on my Honda CRV. The bushing is exactly the same on Civic's so disregard the fact that the video is of the CRV.