Cruise Control not working


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Hello all,
I have a 2004 Honda Civic EX Sedan that the cruise control has not worked ever since I owned it. I have done almost all the diagnosing I could do. What happens: When I press the cruise switch, the green light comes on just as it should (right?). When I get up to speed (above 25mph) I press the set button, and the green dash cruise light comes on, but it does not hold the speed. If I press cancel or the brake the dash light turns off just as it should. The only thing that is not happening is holding the vehicle speed. I can press the gas and accelerate while the cruise light is on, but as soon as I let off the gas the car decelerates. I have checked every single fuse in the car, they are all good. The horn works. I have even gotten a wiring diagram for the cruise control system and checked continuity in all the wires. Every single wire I've tested came out fine. Wiring between module and actuator is fine, between VSS, Brake Pedal, switches, fuse box, all fine. The only wiring that was not tested was between the CC Module and ECU. Everything else in this car works to my knowledge except the auto lock and unlock function when put in and out of park. I have gone through the programming, and the car responded properly saying the auto lock and unlock was set, but still did nothing. I should also mention I have replaced both the CC Module and actuator, still nothing. I have the CEL on due to the downstream O2 not being present, and SRS light is on for many reasons. However I took my car into the dealership recently for an airbag recall and they told me the SRS light would have nothing to do with CC not working. I am at a complete lost with this and would like my cruise back as I have a lead foot. Any help is greatly appreciated, I am willing to try anything at this point. If more information is needed please ask away!