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back then I was into all ebay stuff so it was just a no name header and ebay black housing headlights. once I joined the forums then my tastes turned towards better builds with quality parts...I got that car in 2006 so it was my first civic.

Well then I guess I will try the grounding kit out then. Here are the pics of mine. I have some cleaning up to do on it. Regular metal polish should work just fine right? And a soft rag.

Got an order in process through Evasive! Plans for summer is to do something every week til mid august. hopefully I can keep up lol.

Recent maintnence: 1st thing needing attention was my oil pan gasket. All fixed now and absolutely no leaks.

Next will be tucking headlight harnesses. Im thinking about getting two fender gromets(the rubber peice in frame wall that the harness goes through) to put on the hole I cut out from the frame of the car under the fender. Good or bad idea?

reedman i'll be thanking you in advance for the DIY.

Ok soooo from evasive I ordered the apexi ws2! Woo! It came in on Friday and I started the install last night. Cat nuts were shot but we did get them off after dropping the resonator and cat together,removing the o2 sensor and everything just to be able to get a breaker bar on the nuts and hammer on the flange some wd40 knock it some more and breaking the nuts loose. I promise nothing was damaged and tried to stay carefull with where i hammered. This morning I got new nuts and got the exhaust in and sounds great! But..... Went for a drive and suspension settled and the ws2 resonator can was hanging a 1/4 inch of the ground and scraped the entire time. I know I hung it all correct. I guess the exhaust just hangs kinda low.? Raising my car is not an option at least i don't want it to be. So thinking ..I should just take that section out and to a shop to have it cut and weld in a pipe to replace it using the same flanges. Also hating the fact of thinking about having a new exhaust hacked up.. Opinions?


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The mid section on that exhaust does sit a bit low, but with new rubber hangers it should sit closer to the body of the car. Also if you only have one side held up at that section (because a lot of chassis only have one bar there to hang the exhaust) you can have a shop weld in another bar to really pull it up tight. I would never cut up a ws2
With that being said would you suggest the hanger being placed by the second mid piece which is bent, or right after the resonator? That would put two hangers on the same mid pipe. Not a big deal but thinking that the resonator is heavier than the bent pipe I'm thinking would be best to tighten it up right there.
So guys. Wanting to check in, and an update will happen tomorrow. Waiting on some taxes to come back my way so I can play with new ideas.
-Hondata s300
-software and programmer
(Trying to learn to base map and tune for a career in automotive development) the s300 should allow for a good bit of knowledge and room to advance/improve my experience. Not that my stock motor can be lifted to greater output but I plan to start building my d-series. Also having some good words and talks with the guys/managers at my local honda for a tech position tomorrow. I'm hoping for the best.

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Also want to add that I'm open to opinions that will further improve my knowledge as I am just now starting all my research.

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