DIY How To: Fix Civic Brake Light Problem Replacing Brake Pedal Stop Pad


My brake lights wouldn't turn off, so I had to find a solution... quickly.

I want to help anyone out there experiencing the same problem with their brake lights. If you are lucky enough to catch this one in time, your brake lights won't run out your battery, but if you aren't lucky, then this problem could drain your battery over night.

I made this short tutorial video how to fix this very common problem in Hondas and Acuras.



I had a Civic once.
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Ah this issue. I've had to do this before.

Thanks for the DIY! Solid first post lol


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I just used on of those furniture plastic pads with the spike in it. Theres always a home depot or Lowes around til i could get to the stealership.

The stealershp wanted 5.00 for a replacement. I told them the list price for 1.29 or something like that and then he just gave me the thing.. He knew he was busted.

Lesson here: Look up the HONDA MSRP so you know when the stealership is ripping you off. is a good resource

EDIT: Solid info, nice post