Do i need a new transmission mount


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I have a manual 1.8 civic 2012, i noticed that whenever i let go of the gass pedal i can feel the car vibrating, especially in lower gears, now i know that a 4 cylinder engine thats not inline will jump back and forth but i think ita too much, i can feather the gas pedal and i will still feel the engine going back and forth, no clunking or knocking though. I have made a video of the transmission mount during work, maybe someone can tell me if its normal play or should i order a new mount, thanks in advance =)
i think it looks weird at min 2:35


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There can be a lot of reasons from a breakdown of the gearbox, to filters, fuel, and transmission, there may also be a problem in the accelerator. If a breakdown in the transmission is accompanied by the howling of the gearbox and increased noise