Does everyone suffer from the floating gas needle?

Mine floats around pretty bad below 1/2 tank in my '98 Honda Civic DX. When it gets to "E" it's worse. I can drive for days on "E" until the light comes on. Is this normal or can it be fixed? It's kinda nerve wrecking

Thanks in advance


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If you drive on a lot of hills or are gas-pedal-happy, unfortunately, it's normal. But if it's not actually reading the correct level, something else may be wrong.

Just be happy your gas gauge works. Mine doesn't. I usually go by trip but I can tell by the way (sound) my fuel pump primes when I'm low on gas. Or if it cranks for 10 seconds and I sit there slamming on the gas pedal praying for it to start.


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I absolutely NEVER let my tank get below half. That's just me though. But yeah on hills and stuff my needle can come off Full and to three quarters and then rise back up to full when I level out.


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From what I've seen, as I approach 'E' on the fuel gauge, when I go uphill, it looks lower than it should, and when I go downhill, it looks higher than it should. You know you're really[/I ]about to run out of gas when the engine starts to sputter on full throttle. =) I almost always drain my tank to E or just below E. I figure it keeps the tank nice and clean. =) Plus, gas is about 6lbs per gallon, so... weight reduction!

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