E.K.'s Turbo teal ej1 build

Wasup guys, new to this forum, but not to honda's. Ive had my ej1 for about 2yrs and several months. its gone through several different changes, but always getting better. ill give a quick run down from beginning to present.
bought it the day the original owner traded it in for an 09 accord. (i guess it was one of the pluses of working at the honda dealership) paid 1563$ tags and everything .
Bone stock

lowered it with g.c. adj. springs on stock struts

(my friend driving & me shooting)

bought some enkei rs-e 's that had been sitting in the woods for 80$

after some tlc

wheels, fogs, and license plate relocated

removed the coils in the rear and front coils adj. all the way down
ended up selling the enkei's and getting some rota track r's also picked up a z6 that had spun a rod bearing...amongst other things lol


we'll come back to this block later
sold the track r's then bought konig candies



swapped wheels for a little bit

gsr leathers

then i wanted to go lower
koni yellows

ground control custom rates springs 480lbs/ front 430lbs rear

out with the old in with the new


ride quality was pretty bad till i bought these babies

installed and lowered the car more



then cleaned the interior up

after riding in a friend's 530whp prelude, i had finally been persuaded to boost the civic .
got a GOOD deal on a brand new peakboost ramhorn, d.t., and 3" d.p.

garrett t3/t4e 50t .63 a/r w/stg 3 comp wheel

go-auto works pro gt black oil line kit
started to have problems with the trans grinding during shifts. ended up being the springs on the clutch rubbing the flywheel. replaced it with a cheap duralast clutch.

tial 38mm w,g, i bought used. dude said it less then 100miles on it. b.s.!!

took it down to 800grit and back up to 2000

looking like a kit now

searched for a while and finally found a peakboost intercooler

also bought a set of gsr blades for 150$ but they needed work.

after alot of tlc

raised the car up for winter
then slammed it for the last time

almost new rc550's

POS s200 (ended up being f***** up didn't find out till i sold it ...then refunded to guy his money)

new o-rings/ gaskets for injectors

used i.c. piping, couplers, and t-bolt clamps

greddy rs bov

time to get the stock z6 boost. head gasket, arp headstuds, waterpump, fuel filter, timing belt

hit up greg at go-autoworks again for walbro 255lph fuel pump and vacuum log

friend sold me his custom made 2.5" exhaust (always wanted straight pipe exhaust)

golden eagle sandwich plate and fitings



exhaust semi installed

so it began


ended up selling the blades to buy my s300

gauges and stuff

my friend giving me a street tune till i can get to the dyno.

i had an 11 psi spring in the w.g. at the time and the stock clutch was not liking it at all lol

once again called up greg at go-autoworks and got a 1/2 core aluminum rad & tial 7psi w.g.

finally saved up enough for a tune lol took it over Charm city tuning

made 205whp on 7.5 psi could of made more i was on stock clutch still
scrapped enough cash and bought a comp clutch stage 4 clutch kit

comparison to the stock one i put in a couple months prior

also removed the breather i had on v.c. and switched it with some left over hose from my oil line kit. this stops the smell of oil coming inside of cabin area after going into boost.
How it looks now
sadly sold my konigs and bought some rpf1's for a good deal. then bought some nitto neogens 205-50-15's
also got eg6 corner lights, and wire tucked the passenger side engine ( but kept abs)

and beaks bar

ok here's the bad news spun a rod bearing about 2 weeks, so is sitting while save money and collect parts.
i got the other z6 block honed, cleaned, crank regrinded & stress relieved over a year ago

i recently bought some fjr spec rods for vitara pistons. its gonna get teflon coated vitara pistons, acl oversized bearings, super tech valve springs, and titanium retainers, delta 272-2 regrind cam. hoping to make 350whp+. should have some good updates by the end of the month


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do you have a dyno sheet of your tuned pull? Interested in the torque curve and output
thanks guys
child- i have a vid of the dyno pulls, but they all show my license plate. (i havnt figured out a way to block it out.) i had asked about the torque reading but they said they had been problems with the reading the torque (or something like that) they said d16z6 around 200hp make about 150 something torque.
ordered my teflon coated 75mm vitara rods today, already have a set brand new set of fj spec custom length rods.
happy thanksgiving!!!
minor change in build plan. acquired bnib eagle rods for dirt cheap. selling the fjrspec rods, and upgrading to wiseco 75.5mm pistons


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custom made exhaust.

love the car! slam it again! that makes me want to convert to GC, they seem to go a bit lower