EG Sedan Buid


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How's it going everyone! I just picked up a 95' EG Sedan a couple days ago for $1K. The Civic has 350,000 miles, it is a manual trans and clean title. The radiator core support is bent and the left apron is crunched up (I have not taken off the fenders to see how bad the damage is yet). This is my first stick shift car so I will be learning in this and restoring it from all the neglect it has gotten. This isn't going to be a crazy build, but first things I want to do are flush and fill fluids, brakes, wipers, install new radiator core support by bolting it in for access later on to fix apron damage and then to clean up the exterior of the car and get it looking straight and clean. The motor I don't care to blow, I will be switching to a B20B when the time comes. Thanks for having me.