Eibach Sportline -Are they good


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Hey guys,

I just sold my skunk 2 coilover that i bought from that guy because i decided they wouldnt pass state inspection so i think im going to get the Sportlines. Any good or bad comments on them? I dont think im gonna change my shocks at all just get my car re-aligned. My friend has a 98 prelude and he has the pro kit and the handle nice! Also wondering if they will cover up the wheelbase. Thanks for all you help. If anyone is selling stuff for a 99-00 civic email me at BeefStew2cool@aol.com. Thanks


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I had the sportlines and I loved them. I had the stock shocks and they handled like a charm. I now have Ground Control coils w/tokico illuminas, although my suspension is better than before, I still miss my sportlines.


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How's the ride on the sportlines or the pro? Are they harsh? Or just tight enough to feel the road properly?

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i had the pro-kits before and they rode close to stock.