EJ1, More Power Wanted. Keep or Swap Engine?

Whats up clubcivic im new here and i recently bought a ej1 but the pistons rings are pretty much fried, a friend commented me about just putting in a new block with less miles if im going to do all that work for just rings. The engine has 191xxx and i wanted to work on it to make about 450+,my original plan was to swap it to a GSR and start there, but i done a bit of research on that engine and ive read that its a pretty damn good engine. Turbo ready and stuff. So i wanted some opinions on wheather to rebuild this engine to that much HP or swap it to a newer GSR and build it there. What would be best? Should i replace parts on the d16z to have it haul ass or should i swap it and proceed? Need help anyone! Thanks!


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Depends on the health of the motor.

Do a compression test, etc. If things look good, you can give it a go. 450hp is a LOT of power for a D16, though. You'll easily break things unless you beef it up.

B18C (GSR) engine can be "turbo ready", but not for 450hp. You're still going to need to modify it and a lot of other components.

It will be easier to obtain your power goal with a motor swap.

What's your budget? Don't expect this to be cheap.

(I'm also moving this to the 5th gen section since you have an EJ1)
(I've also renamed your thread title, because "help me please" is honestly just lame. Polite, but lame.)


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