EK4 VTi-R Project

A steady stream of parts have been arriving over the past few days...

Hardrace front and rear sway bar bushes, tie-rod ends, and front sway bar links.

HEL braided brake and clutch hoses.

New radio aerial.

Intake manifold gasket.

Hose clamps for air intake.

Billet power steering and alternator pulleys.

Billet transmission mounts

I was just about to purchase some new coilovers, but crisis struck!!! The TV in my "man cave" finally crapped-out after 11yrs of faithful xbox duties, which meant buying a new one...a happy but not happy moment! I figured now was the ideal opportunity to get the perfect set-up, so bought a 55" 4k beast, and sourced everything for a luscious retro 80's Luxman stereo system (not all components have arrived yet). Gaming has never been so good, hahahahahahahaha!!!


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Another part arrived first thing this morning, a new cup-holder/storage unit direct from Japan! The original cup-holder is broken and drives me absolute insane...it stops me using the storage bin, looks butt-ugly, and I can't even fit a large coffee in it (my "must have" every morning). I'm pretty excited by this, haha!

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Another part arrived today...a Spoon front strut-tower brace! I'll be interested to see if there's any advantage over the OEM brace (I'd be expecting so given the size difference), but essentially it's engine-bay bling. :mrgreen:


I got my butt into gear today and made a start improving the handling. Nothing terribly fancy, but I fitted the Tegiwa tie-bar, the Hardrace rear swaybar bushes, and the Hardrace rear swaybar links (which arrived this morning). A couple of uncooperative bolts and the tight space behind the muffler gave me a bit of grief, but on the whole it was a pretty painless procedure.

I took the car for a test-drive after completion, and it's remarkable how much more "planted" the back end feels now. There's night and day compared to how it felt before, so I'm definitely looking forward to fitting the new Hardrace swaybar links and bushes to the front end, which feels all mushy when pushed hard. =)

Here's a couple of rather unexciting pics with the tie-bar, links and bushes installed, haha!

After weeks of waiting impatiently, a delay thanks to the wrong postage method used (in fairness I was reimbursed the difference), and it being held up for an eternity by Australian Customs, I finally have my centre-console armrest!!! It's from an Orthia (an EK Civic wagon which sadly we never got here), which explains a couple of buttons which are of no use to me, but the 2x coin holders are a nice touch. :thumbs up

It's the same fabric that's on the bolsters of the seats in my VTi-R, but just needs a good clean to bring it back to matchy-matchy. The photo makes the difference look much worse than it is in real life tbh, but I'll get the interior professionally steam-cleaned in the near future. ;) Having extra storage space and somewhere to rest my elbow is going to be amazing!!!
The mighty little Civ has been rapidly deployed to perform daily duties. It's been awesome fun whipping around in it, but grrrrrr.....

The fancy-pants Subaru GT wagon (with very low klm's and full history) we bought a few months has been amazing...super comfy, super fast, super practical, and a super pain in the ass!!! In the space of approx 3 months, we've had a christmas tree of dash lights happen 4 times (which puts the car into limp mode and costs $77 each time for a reset), a replacement front Bilstein shocker (trade price of $455), and now it needs a new torque converter (curl up into foetal position and cry kinda expensive). You'll be driving along minding your own business, and at random, the revs suddenly drop off and an almighty bang/jolt that feels like you've been rear-ended at high-speed, then it acts like nothing happened at all. The bang/jolt is bad enough to induce a day-long severe headache and whiplash, so there's no way we can drive it atm. :cussing:

It's fair to say that I'm fuming...so much for the infamous Subaru reliability eh? I'm trying hard to see the funny side of a 22yo Civ being more reliable than a 5yo Subaru...what a piece of sh*t?! :angryred:
Subaru are now telling me that even if they find something tomorrow, the earliest they can do anything about it is mid-december....which with Chrissy, NYE, etc, basically means early next year. What a joke!!! :cussing:

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