EKcivicDX's BuildUp thread...!!!


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Polyurethane Mugen Front Lip(installed)
SIr Front Bumper
SIr Grill
SIr Rear Bumper
JDM EK4 Round Fog Lights(installed)
JDM EK4 Taillights
JDM Fenders w/Sidemarkers
CF Hood
CF Hatch
OEM Mudflaps
OEM Honda Antenna Block Off Plate(installed)
Lisence Plate Relocation(DONE!)
6000k HIDs(installed)
Paint Calipers

GSR Cloth Front Seats(installed)
GSR Cloth Rear Seats(installed)
CTR Shift Boot
Spoon Sports Shift Knob
EX Cluster Swap(installed)
Broadway Rear View Mirror
35% Tint All Around(installed)
Yoshi on P/S Visor(installed!)

Phase Linear Flip Out DVD(installed)
Power Acoustics NXC-60c 6.5" Components(installed/front)
Pioneer TS-A6962r 6x9(installed/rear)
Jenson 600w 4 Channel Amp(installed)
Monster Cable Amp Wiring(installed)
Monster Cable Speaker Wiring(installed)
Metra Electronics Window Mounted Antenna(installed)
Install Edge Noise Filters(installed)
Hornet 740T Alarm(installed)
Cobra Radar Detector(installed)

Headerback Exhaust
-DC Sports Ceramic Header 4-2-1(installed)
-2" Magnaflow Spun Metalic High Flow Cat(installed)
-Thermal 2" Midpipe(installed)
- Magnaflow 4x9x14 muffler(installed)
Spoon Resivour Covers(installed)
AEM Shortram Intake(installed)
AEM Dry Flow Air Filter(installed)
DIY Engine Grounding(installed)
JDM B18B Swap(installed)
Blox TPS Sensor(installed)
HKS Purple Oil Cap(installed)
Battery Relocation(50% complete)
Crower Stage 1 Cams
Vortech Supercharger w/aftercooler
Ingalls Engine Torque Dampner
Fluidyne Radiator
Option Group Purple Silicone Radiator hoses(installed)
ARC Thermostat
ARC Radiator Cap
MSD Ignition
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
Energy Suspension Hyperflex Bushing Kit
Energy Suspension Motormount Inserts(installed)

JDM S4C Trans(Installed)
Lightened Flywheel
Short Shifter(Installed)
Energy Suspension Shift Stabilizer Kit(Installed)

Skunk2 Pro C Coilover Kit(installed)
Blox Rear LCA's(installed)
Skunk2 Front Camber Kit(installed)
Rear Washer Camber Kit (installed)
Blox Rear Camber Kit
EM Racing C Pillar Bar
No Name Purple Front Strut Bar(installed)
No Name Rear Tie Bar(installed)
Skunk2 Front Strut Bar
Skunk2 Rear Strut Bar
Skunk2 Rear Lower Tie Bar
DC2 Front Sway Bar(pending install)
DC2 Rear Sway Bar(installed)
ITR Rear Sway Bar
ASR Subframe Brace

Buddy Club Lug Nuts
Winter - 14" DA GSR Wheels(need to be painted)
185/60/14 Kuhmo Tires(installed)
Daily - MB Five X(installed)
205/50/15 Falken Azenis 615(installed)

Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
GSR Front Brake Swap(pending install)
Hawk HPS Front Pads
GSR Rear Disc Conversion(pending install)
Powerslot Rear Rotors
Hawk HPS Rear Pads


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Painting the lip (not done)


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I think the lip is fine not painted. Only the back that should be paint, the front will always get damage, so it's no point of painting it, IMO.


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I think the lip is fine not painted. Only the back that should be paint, the front will always get damage, so it's no point of painting it, IMO.
finally someone understands me! lol, ive had the lip for like 2 months now and its already scratched up on the bottom and cracked...

and the install pending is parts in shipping or have but not on...its how i do all my buildups, whats installed says installed whats pending says pending and what dosnt say anything next to it is future plans


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Thank you... I use to have a painted SI lip and the first week it's beat up. It's a waste of time and money. I think it's best to just slap it on right on of the box, like screw in and drive. hehehe