ELD issues after swap

The old AltC wire snip...

I'd be curious to know what the difference is in gas mileage with versus without the snip.
lol- yup, the old snip trick. I actually cut the ELD signal, not the altc wire to ensure the ECU didn't attempt to control anything ELD related.
Curious also as to how much gas mileage the ELD actually effects. I will never know- this car spends much of its life between 50-100% throttle lol.
Thanks for all of your time and help boofoo.:thumbs up

It is my understanding through internet research, that the ECU is different- different part number even. I have heard of people swapping out their USDM ECU for the CDM ECU and everything works normally- no codes were thrown- as if the CDM ECU doesn't look for the input. That being said, I also wondered if cutting the altc wire would prevent the code but have the same effect.... But I wanted to eliminate any possibility that the ECU could some how off set parameters, thinking that it still had control, and things weren't as they were. So the Grn/Red wire it was lol.
Side note: Hondata can use the ELD circuit to allow for a wideband O2 sensor hook up. It takes cutting a resistor out, but it allows it to read through a 0-5 volt reference. I guess that's how 'unimportant' the ELD is haha.

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