engine mount bracket problems

first off hi my names dustin and i got a 97 ex 2 door. i love how it shows similar threads on new posts thats the first time ive seen that.

now to the issue, the driverside engine mount bracket broke off the block during a wreck, everything has been fixed and is ready to go except for the bracket. without having to pay and arm and both legs for someone to weld the aluminum does anyone know another way that will work for normal daily driving (not racing) that can save some money but isnt going to bite me in the @$$ later? any input is welcome, ive never had this issue come up


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Can't you just buy another bracket?
no the bracket broke off of the block and took a piece of the block with it so its gotta be welded back on. this of course is my understanding of it and wont know for sure until im back in omaha, it happened when my girl was driving and she got into a wreck

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