Engine swap help needed please!

So I checked out the README section about engine swapping, but it didn't have anything about my D14Z2 engine from my 2000 Civic. I want to swap it for a B16A2 engine but am a little confused as to what is needed. Could anyone write a basic checklist of all the components I need to go ahead with the engine swap please or something that will help me? Much appreciated, thanks =)


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The engine you currently have doesnt matter. The swap is basically the same for any 2000 honda civic so whatever u saw is what u need


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if your car is the rice runner in your avatar (2000 hatch) you will need to convert your car to obd1, which is easy, you just need the jumper harness (obd2b to obd1). Oddly enough in the recent thread section the right side of your screen, there is a really dumb one step writeup on how to plug in said harness, which is easier than hooking up an xbox.


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Tiger motorsports cuts most of the wiring harness and hoses which leaves you figuring out what goes where.