EX Coupe 01 dome light problem

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Hello im new to the forum so if i broke any rule in this post please tell me before deleting it or moving somewhere else thanks, ok the thing i want to know it whats going on with my Civic dome light, its not working and the bulb its ok already tested and the map lights are working too changed to led ones and wanted to do same for dome,i got the car with that problem, i checked the front fuse box(near engine) and it was ok, havent touched the ones down(by the steering wheel), also i read that some civic had this problem when you change the original radio for an aftermarket one but it says its for 96-98 Civics so i dont know if that will work on mine havent tested yet cause that, any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks for your time to read this by the way.


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To start. Your other thread was deleted. Reason being that you are spamming the forum in multiple sections; it's not spamming in the sense of stuff like email spam but it is a form of it in a minor way. It is forum etiquette and in some forums an actual rule NOT to cross post your questions in multiple sections. Here it isn't actually a rule, but we will remove the duplicates. This forum is slow, 1 section per question is sufficient.

Second, if we need to move a thread to the correct section it will be done without informing beforehand. If we sat down and informed ever single member before hand and waited for a response, we would never get anything done. There is a reason for the redirects that are left behind, they do the informing for us. If a thread is moved there will be a redirect link from the incorrectly posted section leading to the thread in the proper section. The links usually last a couple days to a couple weeks depending on what moderator moves them.

Lastly, please post all the information for the vehicle you are working on. We can't help you if we don't know what you are working with. Need the year, model, trim level, engine/transmission, and any mods done to the vehicle in the FIRST line of your thread. EVERY thread.

Test the fuses related to the interior lights. If that isn't it, test the leads coming into the dome light it's self. If no power going to it, then check the door switches.