Exhaust Help!


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I really need someones oppinion. I've been searching (and searching, and searching) for a new exhaust for my 07 Civic Ex Sedan. This has been problematic for me however. There are several I have been looking at including:
-Skunk Megapower Exhaust
-Tanabe Concept G
-Megan Racing Exhaust
-Greddy Ti-C
I really need someones help with this, anyone have any oppinions on what exhaust systems are good? I do however have a price range, I would prefer not to spend anymore then $700 on a system. My main problem is I want an exhaust that has a loud, deep tone to it and something that will help my car performance wise. I appreciate any help anyone can offer me.

One more question, will it hurt anything to put an Si exhaust on an EX?