FAQ : Engine Cleaning tips for your civic.


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here is one i did this past summer for a HT member
Decided to help a fellow H-T member with his new car. and his filthy engine bay. came out 100x better than what it started with. Hid alot of wiring and rerouted the wiring. cleaned it up alot. Enjoy =)

This is what i removed
Ripped out the AC system. pump, condenser, lines ect. everythings gotta come out.
Heat shields on the exhaust manifold
intake resonator

Wiring that was re routed. No wires were shortened or lenghtened. when extending or shortening wiring you can effect the resistance in that line. and could affect how your engine performs

Passanger side Headlight, horn, turn signal, ground box harness was taken and ran in the inner fenderwell gound box was hooked up to the 10mm bolt that held on the intake resonator.

Driver side headlight turn signal ground box harness was ran through the fenderwell and held up with a open 10mm spot by the windshield washer fluid resivoir.

Distributor wiring was taken off the clip and hide under the intake manifold

Driver side harness was removed and tucked underneath the battery/fuse box. and no i did not extend any of the wiring.

Passanger side harness was removed off the clips and tucked in the corner under the Slave cylinder and zip tied down

Fuel injector wiring. the box was removed off of the injector harness. the heat shrink was removed off of the wires. becareful doing this not to cut the wires. and the clips were ran up through the gaps in the intake manifold runners.

removed battery and covered all electronics.... dizzy, alternator, Harness clips with bags and zip tied them.
Sprayed the entire engine bay, engine, firewall with simple green 75 SG/25 H20. let it sit for 5-10 mins and rinsed off with garden hose. dry the engine bay with shop towels or shop rags.

i used 2 cans of gunk for the engine and transmission for the heavy grease. do the same steps as i did with simple green.

Enjoy guys..


Here is what we had to start with.

Me workin on TJ's wiring

Almost Done =)

There now it looks 100x better