FAQ : How to change a Intake Manifold


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How To Install A Intake Manifold

Yes i know its very common and easy to install one but Not everyone knows what is involved in it.

Tools Needed

Socket set- 10mm 12mm 17mm

Wrench- 10mm 12mm 17mm

Drain Pan

Needle Nose Pliars

FlatHead ScrewDriver

Parts Where Purchased From AN-R.com

Blox Intake Manifold - AN-R Link

AN-R Intake Manifold Gasket - AN-R Intake Manifold Gasket

I bought Some Teflon washers as well

Step 1

Pop the Hood and look at the Ugly Stock intake Manifold

Step 2
Remove the Clamps Holding on your Intake a Flat head should do this no problem and remove the Hose going from the intake to the Valve Cover

Step 3
Remove the MAP sensor

Step 4
Remove the TPS wire

Step 5
Locate the IACV its on the backside of the intake manifold. Its the black cylinder.. Now Remove the 2 Coolant Hoses coming off of it. Now Coolant may leak from the hoses so have a pan ready. while your there unplug the the IACV sensor.

Step 6
Now Take a 10mm and remove the Throttle Cable bracket. And Take out the Pin holding the throttle cable to the Throttle Rotor

Step 7
Now Remove the Vaccum line coming from the brake booster

Step 8
Remove the Vaccum line coming from the Charcoal Canister.. I do not have this so no picture of it being removed. Since i Removed the Charcoal canister.

Step 9
Right by the Distributor on the Intake Manifold there are coolant lines. Now Remove them with your Needle Nose Pliars. Now Coolant will leak From here as well. So be sure to have a Pan ready to catch it

Step 10
Grab a 17 mm and Remove the Fuel line from the Fuel Filter some fuel may come out so be ready with a shop towel

Step 11
Go to the Fuel Pressure Regulator and Remove the Fuel Return hose.. Some May leak out so be prepared

Step 12
Take a Razor Blade, Flat head screw Driver or a thin pointy object and remove the Injector Clips

Step 13
Take Your 12mm wrench and remove the 10 bolts holding on the Intake manifold

Step 14
Remove the 5 Bolts Holding to the Intake Manifold to the Rear Motor mount. I do not have this so there is no pictures

Step 15

Remove the Intake Manifold.

Step 16.

Now its time to swap parts over from the old intake to the new one. I started by removing the 4 12mm Nuts from the Throttle Body. Be Careful not to Rip the Gasket. Cause No parts stores or the 2 honda dealerships in my area had these in stock. Also i soaked the inside of the TB with seafoam to remove carbon build up

Step 17
Take a 12mm wrench or socket and remove the IACV off of the old intake Manifold.. Notice this is how i Get rid of that Annoying Fluctuating Idle

Now Install everything in the reverse Order And Have Fun =)

This Has Been A JDMLyfeStyle Write up. Do not Copy my Images to other websites without my permission!!!!!



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You do awesome DIY's and I save your page in my fav's, much props, but why didn't you just link your page instead of wasting all that bandwith???


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Because i got 70 Gigs of transfer.. and My site has only went over the bandwith one time