FAQ: How to Check and Replace your ICM and Coil


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Ok here you go f**kers.. My latest problem with my car i thought i would do a write up since this is also a very common problem with our cars. So here it goes

Warning attempt this at your own risk. I am not responsible if you damage your ecu or car in any way. I am not liable for your Mistakes. By doing this you do know that you are messing with the computer that operates your car. if you mess up in any way you may cause damage to your Vehicle. Once again attempt this at your own risk. if you dont feel you can do this leave it to the professionals.

Tools Needed.
Screw drivers

Step 1
Remove your intake it will give you better access to the Dizzy

Step 2
Take a Phillips Screw Driver and Remove the 3 screws holding on the distributor cap.. Leave the plug wires on so you dont risk messing up the firing order.. Note you should have a shroud around the rotor and coil.. for some reason my dizzy does not have the that

Step 3
Take a Marker and make a straight line on the dizzy to the Dizzy mount

Step 4
Take a 12mm wrench or socket. and remove the 3 bolts holding on the dizzy. and remove the Connector that is going to the engine harness from the Dizzy

Step 5 Now that we got the distributor off. Take a clean Paper towel and ball it up and pluge the hole where the dizzy was. now its time to start removing the guts

Step 6.
Remove the Phillps Screw holding on the Rotor.

Step 7
Take the Phillips Screw Driver and remove the + and - Terminals off of the Coil

Step 8
Take the Phillips screw Driver and remove the 2 bolts holding on the Ignition coil to the dizzy. once these are removed the coil should slide right out.

Step 9
Now its time to Test the Coil. Best results are seen at 68* F Fist part is get your Multimeter and set it on the Ohms..... Now Take the Hot pin and put it on the + terminal. and take the ground pin and put it on the coil spring.. This should be Reading between 12.8- 19.2 Ohms.. Mine reads 15.6 so that part is reading good.

Step 10.
Once again Best results are seen at 68* F Now take the Hot pin and place it in the + part of the coil. and take the ground pin and place it in the - part of the coil. this should read between 0.6-0.8 Ohms. if its not between there check the temperature and run the test again. In my case the coil is bad.

Step 11
I already tested My ICM before i decided to do the write up so i knew it was bad. at the bottom of the thread ill have a diagram to show how to test the ICM But to remove the ICM first remove the 4 connectors.

Step 12
Now look on the side of the Dizzy for 2 small Phillips head screws. remove these 2 screws hold the ICM in place

Step 13.
Slide out the ICM.. Now look at the 2.. on the right the beat up stock one.. on the right the brand new replacement

Now Follow the steps in reverse and reinstall the Dizzy.. be sure you use your mark to set the timing in where it was.

NOW TIME TO TEST THE ICM. YOu must do this with the Distributor still installed on the car. and the Dizzy Connector plugged into the engine harness.

Step 1. Remove all the connectors off of the ICM

Step 2. Turn the Key to the ON Position.
Step 3 Now Take your Volt Meter. Take the red pin and place it in Connector B. and take the Black pin and place it on a good ground connection. There should be battery Voltage here. at least 11.9V.....
IF there is no Voltage Take the Red Pin and stick it into the B connector. and take the black pin and touch it to the B Terminal of the ICM. If there is Voltage Go to Step 4
Step 4
Turn the Ignition Key ON. Check for voltage between Connector C and Body Ground. There should Be Battery Voltage Here.
- if there is no Battery Voltage Check:
- Igntion Coil
- Connector C between the Ignition Coil and the IC
* If there is Voltage Proceed to step 5
Step 5 Check Connector A wire between the ECM and ICM
Step 6 Check Connector D wire between the Tachometer and the ICM
IF all Test are Normal Replace the ICM

This has been a JDMLyfeStyle write up. Do not Copy any of my images without my permission or i will hunt you down and cut off your f**king balls!!!!

Enjoy im out later Bitches

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