FAQ: How to Install Depo Fogs on a EG... 56k No way


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Yo guys. got bored tonight so we installed by Friends Depo foglights. so i decided to do a write up about it.

Tools Needed
10mm Socket
Phillips Screw Driver
Dremel or Some sort of cutting tool
Flat head Screw Driver

Please note that some of the pictures will be blurred out or blacked out since i do not want to reveal the housing design on the IS300 foglights. BTW this is 1 of 2 sets of IS300 foglights retrofitted into a civic within the USA. as far as i know im the original designer of this.

Step 1.
Remove all 5 bolts holding on the front bumper.

Step 2
On each side of the bumper. behind the splash guard there is a phillips screw holding the sides of the bumper on you need to remove them as well.

Step 3
take off the bumper and take notice on where you are going to cut the holes for the foglights. area's outlined in yellow are where you need to cut.

Step 4.
Now Get out the dremel and start Cutting.

Step 5
Now you should be Left with this after cutting. Take Note on the 3 holes highlighted. these are what hold the Foglight assembly on. and the Nipple all the way to the top right hand corner is there to keep the foglight assembly in place.

Step 6
Now its time to put on the Foglight assembly. Now this is the exact same bracket i just happened to modifiy the Light mounts and Light housing so they have been Blurred out. Notice the 3 red dots those are the Screws you got to install in the mounting holes above. the green Dot is for the Nipple i talked about that holds the housing in place and center'd if the holes do not line up when the housing is on the nipple then u are not installing right.

Step 7
Now this is what it should like from the front of the bumper. Notice the 2 white holes those are screws for the Cover. Now find the right cover and install them with the screws supplied. BTW take note on how nice the IS 300 foglights look in the housing. =)

Step 8.
Now its time to move on with the wiring. Here is a lay out of the wiring.

Step 9
Find a Good Location to mount the relay we chose the ABS Fuse box bolt its the perfect location for this IMO. then slide the inline fuse between the Chassis and ABS fuse box so thats its in a easy access spot with not alot of movement.

Step 10. Now take the Power wire with the ring terminal and hook it up to the battery.

Step 11. Now take the other part of the harness that has the foglight plugs , Ground , Interior Extension wire And slide them through the Big hole right below the ABS fuse box. this hole is commonly used for cold air intakes. you can see my hand pulling it through the Hole

Step 12. Take a Zip tie and wrap up some of the Excessive wiring. Be sure you have at least 6" of play for the first foglight plug. I zip tied the Excessive wiring to the bumper support so that it will be out of the way.

Step 13. Take the other wiring and Foglight plug for the driver side and do the same with the excessive wire just zip tie it out of the way.

Step 14. As you see in the picture there is a bolt right below where you zip tied the excessive wiring in the previous step. Take a 10mm rachet or wrench and remove the bolt and slide the ground Ring terminal onto it. then tighten it down to the chassis.

Step 15.
Now take the Red Extension wire with the bullet type connector on it. and slide it up through the hole where the windshield washer fluid is. Then Connect the other Extension wire to the plug. Now for a added security i put some electric tape around the bullet connection. Now make sure this wire is secure. Then take the wire and run it through the Rubber Grommet behind the Clutch Fluid Cylinder and it should run into the interior like shown in the picture.

Step 16
Now we move to the interior. we chose the Button Next to the Rear Defrost to put the Foglight switch. Take a flat head screw driver and gently pry out the switches. Then pop off the Blank spot and install the foglight switch into the empty spot.

Step 17. Now grab the only harness that is left. If you look there is only one plug that fits into the back of the foglight switch. Install the green plug into the back of the foglight switch. Now take the remander of the harness and slide it through the Hole that you pulled the Switches from.

Step 18
Now get under the dash and remove the 3 Screws holding on this bottom panel. Once you remove the panel the wiring that you shoved through the hole Should be right there. Pull the wring til there is enough room to install the Switches back to where they belong.

Step 19
Now Look at your harness you have 1 plug. 1 ring Terminal and another bullet connector. Right now we are gonna use the Bullet and the plug. First take the bullet connect and Connect it to the Bullet connector that you slide through the firewall.

Step 20
Now grab the Connector and look at your fuse box under the dash. You notice there are some open spaces towards the Top of the fuse box. we are going to be using the 2nd plug starting from the right.

Step 21
Now Grab your 10mm wrench. Look to the left of the fuse box and you should see your main relay held with one 10mm bolt. Remove that bolt and install the Ground ring terminal and then retighten the bolt.

Step 22
Now Zip tie the Excess wire out of the way of the pedals then reinstall that Bottom Panel on the dash

Step 23
Now Place the bumper close to the car and plug in the foglights and Install the Bumper back on. and enjoy your foglights. Sorry that yours will not have the same results as this one.

My hatch out in the driveway showin off originality =) Only 2 sets of IS300 retro'd foglights into EG foglights within the USA.

MONEY SHOT!!! BTW not yet adjusted.

Hope this write up helps you. Once again this has been another JDMLyfestyle Write up and Have a good one im out Peace.


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dope ass write up :thumbs up


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Great explanation and pictures. Exactly what I did to get mines installed.. great thing was, it only took like less than an hour. ;)


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wow thats gay...why blur out? are you planning on patenting it or something? other than the selfish mode of thought for the 'originater' good write up


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No because i dont want other people to have my lights.. one thing that makes me different from any other hatches out there.. So far there is only 4 EG's with is300's

Next time i put foglights on my car im going to install EK fogs with IS300 on the hatch


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oh ic.....IMHO i still think thats sorta selfish.....i'm sorta confused on why write the write-up if you don't want anyone else to have hte fogs. If you don't want them to have it don't write write-up....i mean...the write-up is to help people with what you've done. but its w/e...whatever floats your boat.

\\ Forgiven //

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Im going to have to agree with him. It's cool that your original, but why go through all the trouble of doing a write up if you dont want others to have it?


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I did the write up so that you can know how to install the foglights. cause everything is the same i just had to make new custom mounts for the IS300's and i didnt want to see how it was mounted. cause if its not mounted correctly the IS300 beam pattern will be way off.

But asside from that the foglights install like OEM foglights


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sweet ive been puttin off puttin my foglights on my coupe but since u just shown me everything i had to do... im confident now and tommorow ima tackle it lol


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this is an oldddd write up... saw this thing months ago on honda tech..none the less, good write up