Few EM1 Civic SI Parts For Sale


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It's been a long time since I've been on here, I got rid of my 99 Civic SI back in 2014 when I ended up getting a 240sx.
I still have my 91 CRX that I've been trying to sell, with a lot of spare parts for as well.

I have a few parts left over that came off my SI, small parts.
I'm posting this here before I post on craigslist, I'm trying to get rid of all my Honda spare parts.

(sorry for the huge picture, taken with my phone)

So here is the list of items shown in the picture.
1) Hood Bra (this is the Mexico made one, I think by LeBra) $20
2) Front Window Tint (it has a crease in it, that's how it came) $10
3) Horn (still works, it was taken off when I had ridgeline horns on it) $10
4) Front Fender Side Markers (generic, ebay ones) $10
5) Dash Button Cap (this is where the fog light switch goes) $5
-SOLD- 6) OEM Front Grille Emblem with Mount $10
7) Generic Emblem $5
8) Ceiling Grab Handle $10
9) Visor Clip $5
10) "Civic" Emblems (probably ebay items, I forget. no double side tape on the back.) $5
11) New B16A2 NGK Wire Set (8018 RC-HE64, bought right before I sold the civic) $30

Or take everything for $60
None of this is including shipping costs.

2018-12-24 Update:
* Front Grille Emblem sold
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I'll give you a little bit of information about it, anything else can be asked via PMs.

* It's a rust bucket, Ohio was not friendly to it. Needs some new steel panels welded on; passenger floor front corner, rear quarter panels, couple of the jack stand points. I don't know how to weld else wise I would of done it.
* Steering wheel has a little bit of shakiness to it at highway speeds, haven't figured that one out (had an alignment done, changed bushings, wheel bearings.)
* But it still drives, makes a good winter car.
* Cable clutch (I hate it.)

* Rear DA Integra Knuckles, Front SiR knuckles, DA suspension components.
* DA Integra Brake hardware (brackets, calipers, booster, master cylinder, proportional valve)
* B18A1 Engine with B16 JDM Non-LSD transmission.
* Wings West body kit, still need to find a better way to mount the spoiler. Parts of the body kit needs some work.
* Rota slipstream wheels. Also have steelies with snow tires.

Uhh... what else... I just replaced the fuel tank cause it rusted out. Also the lines rusted out, so I replaced all the fuel lines with AN lines (I love AN lines and fittings.)
Front break calipers froze on me so I replaced both of those.
It was also a HF, but I got the rear SI interior in it (for I could have the hatch divider.)

Even through it's a rust bucket, I still want at least $3k for it.
I don't plan on doing anything else to it besides fix issues that come up before selling.
I've had it since 2011. I don't drive it anymore. I've got a 96 nissan 240sx, 88 toyota supra, and 00 bmw e46 that I spend all my time with.


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Even through it's a rust bucket, I still want at least $3k for it..
That's optimistic and pricey for the shape it's in. Best of luck.


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Well if I sell it for cheaper then I'll be stripping the stuff I spent a lot of money on. The b18a1 and tranny would be coming off (and back on the prior d15/16 mini-me I was running), and the slipstreams would not be included either.