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It depends on how its been treated, but an auto tranny can last for a good bit longer than that my buddys dad has a 95 ex auto with over 300,000 miles on it and it drives and shifts fine.
That being said id get the ex if i where you but im biased since i love 6th gens lol

Jesus, I figured the auto transmission would sh*t out after 200k. Supposedly a small oil leak is another problem with the car, but for the price he's asking, I suppose it would be worth it.


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I'd hate that to be honest. Maybe I'm just selfish but I don't like sharing my money unless it's a good reason. I'm single though. :lol:

As for the tranny you'll be good if it was taken care of like Crash said. My car is automatic, has 175k miles and still shifts like butter.
in my opinion i'd go with the ex coupe(i love coupes), it's 5 years newer and im guessing it's got less miles because you didnt mention anything except the hatchback's miles. i'm at school so craigslist is blocked, but i'll check out the ads later.
Oh no no =) I make the money. She goes to school and works pt, about 20-25hrs. But it's always good in a relationship to consult the spendings.
Exactly, wouldn't want her to spend the money on something big without telling me. I am leaning more on a hatchback since I've always wanted one, plus I already have a coupe.
i personally would go with the hatch. The coupes picture isnt very good but the hatch looks cleaner.. and its cheaper so thats just another reason to choose the hatch over the coupe.
yea, just looked at the ads, go for the hatch

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