Finally paint front bumper =]


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Fresh Front Paint!

I went to a shop to have them color match the color for me.
Paint is very accurate, I've got to say. It was my fault not to primer it over with grey.
Instead,I shot the blue over black which I thought it'd be okay.
But then I noticed that the paint came out darker because I sprayed over black. :(
I was pissed! But oh well

I just peeled out the mouth cover

1" header clearance?



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wowzers. that clearance is killer, bro. How long have you been riding like that? Considered switching to a 4-2-1 header?

Got any shots with the bumper mounted?
Header clears through everything...EXCEPT, speed bumps. LMAO
My car is tuned with 4-1 so don't wanna go 4-2-1.
I've been driving it like this for about 2 months.
&&&I'm gonna mount the bumper back on tomorrow morning depending
on the weather if it's raining or not. It was raining earlier today and it's seems like it will tomorrow.
I'm trying to keep the fresh paint out of the rain for a good 2 sunny days so it can dry out.


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I SEE nothing...???


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It looks good, hard to tell how off the color is with the lighting in that picture. The car looks great though.

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