First car.. First Honda!.. First build? Uhoh.


Stay out the swamp.
I'm on my iPad at the moment, and can't upload a picture of the civic tonight, but when I get back in town tomorrow that will be the first thing I do is upload one.

Anyways, 96' Honda Civic EX Coupe, love it to death. BUT.. it needs some love. So I'm going to give it to her!

№ 1. JDM Front Lip -
№ 2. New Headlights - DONE
№ 3. Tein Street Basis Coilovers -
№ 4. JDM Rear Visor -
№ 5. FOGGIES! -
№ 6. Recaro's + harness bar + Takata 4 point harnesses -
№ 7. White Diamond Steelies (I have a feeling that these are going to be a challenge) -
№ 8. OEM Taillights (Red/White) -
№ 9. B20 swap
№ 10. Sticker bomb my sun visors! -

To be continued...

Note: These aren't in exact order, I just listed some off.


Stay out the swamp.

NOT an eBay exhaust. I don't trust ebay for crap, lol. I buy local or order direct. Anyhow, here's a few pictures, pre-build.



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Cant wait to see progress, good luck bro...


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The blacked out look is awesome.

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