Front end damage need opinions


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Ran into the back of someone probably doing 5-10mph...... got the car back from the insurance comapny and was going going to fix it myself but ran into a little issue. Where the front bumper reinforcement (the aluminum bar behind the bumper) attaches the one side is fine but the other side is crumpled inwards and i doubt it is bendable back to where it needs to be. Other than that it would be easy to fix. Just curious if anyone knows what would need to be done to fix this issue and what id be looking at cost wise and if its worth trying to fix at this point. The car is awesome in every other aspect. I attached photos of both sides where the passanger side is okay and the drivers side is the damaged



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I would have a shop look at it.


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if you don't want to spend a lot to fix it I would buy a come-a-long and pull it out while hitting it with a big hammer until you have enough to get the brace to bolt up


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I can not remember off the top of my head how the front support is held on. If need be cut one out of a junk yard and weld it in place, just make sure you get the measurements correct.