Front Shock Fork Collar on Koni Yellow

2000 Civic SI. I currently have a set of Koni Str.T's on stock springs that I'm looking to swap in a Koni Yellow/GC setup. It looks like the Koni Yellows require the reuse of the OEM collars that interlock with the top edge of the shock forks. My OEM shocks are long gone and it doesn't look like they're available separately. They are welded onto the Str.T shock bodies.

Does anyone know of a work around to this aside from junkyard diving?

I am not talking about the tophats. I'm talking about the fork collar at the bottom end of the shock. It's a collar with a little vertical tab in it to align the shock fork on the shock body. Also has a lip on it which I'm afraid is needed to keep the shock from sliding down in the fork. The Yellows dont come with the collars, and the instructions say to grab the collars off the old set of shocks....... seems only possible to grab from OEM shocks as most aftermarkets have the collars welded onto the shock body. I'm not about to buy a $160 oem shock just for the stupid collar.


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The fork wont slide any further that it is suppose to onto the shock body.

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