FS/ FT d15z1 Need gone asap!!

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I am looking to sell my D15Z1 Motor.

This is not a complete swap, it is just the Motor I.E. Block, Head, Valve cover

The engine runs fine and is currently swapped intomy 93 Ex EJ1.

I am looking to sell this motor because whoever swapped it into my EX did not do a proper job and left out many components that I need to pass a Ca emissions test. The motor runs good despite the fact that it is running on an automatic Ex/Si tranny and my stock P28 ECU.

I am looking to sell just the motor for 200-300$ in order to pay for a stock d16z6 (the engine that will allow me to pass smog).

I also would be willing to trade straight accross this motor for a stock d16z6. I do not need any other components besides the motor because i have all the stock parts already (Intake manifold, tranny, ecu, shift linkage, wire harness).

I am very negotiable on the price however i cant go to low otherwise i wont be able to pay for another motor. I am looking to pass smog and need a reliable d16z6 or the money to buy one. Please PM, Call, Text, Or Email me if your interested.

My name is Dan: 209-605-8910

I am located in california and would prefer a california sale as shipping this engine would be quite expensive however will sell out of state if buyer pays for shipping fee's or offers a good price and goes half on the shipping fee's with me.

No time is 2 late i can respond to emails and text day or night, looking to fix this problem asap so if anyone can help me out i would be greatly appreciated.
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