FS: Milano Red 2004 EP3 w/ Kpro - Custom Turbo Kit - And SOO Much More!

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Well guys..i think it may be time to part with my ep3. I am not leaving the game at all, just switching it up to another ep3, i want an original HFP ep3 so bad i cant even explain, or just an EP3 with all the HFP parts haha anyway on to the goods:

2004 Civic Si
2nd owner
All service records (oil changed every 2500-3000 miles with royal purple 5w30-5w40 (climate depending) since 17,xxx miles)

Milano Red
Seibon Mugen wing 1/2 painted
black undervalance
red front bumper lights
JDM Emblems
wiper delete plug (OEM)
OEM hood bra
black housing headlights
spoon sports antenna (real, its for a gd3 fit)
OEM mudflaps
tinted side markers

Injen CAI
RBC Manifold
Karcepts adapter
Kiddracing header
2.5" custom exhaust with vibrant resonator and twin tip flat black muffler, looks almost stock
innovative motor mounts, including front mount
Denso Spark Plugs

H&R Springs
Tokico d-specs (replaced strut tops when installed)
Ingalls rear camber kit
Wagen Wheels WW1 17 x 8 +42 wheels
215-40-17 Nankang NS1's (70% life left)
New tie rods (outer)

Autometer steering column pod
Autometer 0-20psi boost gauge
CTR shift boot
MUGEN Fit shift knob (real)
JDM coin holder (gangster)
OEM cargo mat

Now.. the car comes extra with a LOT of goodies, as many of you know the car was previously supercharged and made some damn good power for an A3, well i was planning on going turbo, so i pieced together a legit turbo setup that will be included with the car along with a set of 225/50/15 BFG Drag Radials! Along with the car you will get:

Turbonetics T3/T04E (re-built by BoostLabs with upgraded internals, never used yet)
Turbonetics Evolution wastegate w/ dumptube
Revhard Manifold
2.5" downpipe
GReddy intercooler with pipes
Universal 2.5" intercooler piping kit to do custom routing if desired
all couplers
all t-bolt clamps
all gaskets
brand new Fast-Turbo.com oil line kit

It doesnt stop there! ill also throw in:
walbro 255lph fuel pump
siemensdeka 650cc injectors
and a brand new in box competition stage 4 clutch (sprung, type-s spec)

I've had this car 5 years on Nov. 18th of this year, i bought it as a CPO from a honda dealer with honda care warranty, which i never needed to use, this car has been so problem free its unbeleivable, never have i questioned the ability of the car to drive you wherever in the country you needed to go, even when it was supercharged, i've maintained the often dumped on A3 as best as my wallet would let me, and i have a written record of every single oil change ive done since ive bought it, and i think once in the five years of ownership i went over 3000 miles on an oil change, the care and love ive shown this car is second to none, and im looking to pass it on to someone new who can appreciate it and start new with another ep3 chassis. When i removed the supercharger i installed a brand new from the dealer serp. belt tensioner and idler bracket/pulley assembly with a new gates belt. The car has no leaks of any kind, Brakes have about 6-7/32nd's left so they are over half life for sure. Now like every used car, it does have its downfalls, to start, the driver seat bottom is a little worn in the center, which i beleive is from the way i sit in the car, second, the front struts are a little noisy over large bumps, they have no leaks of any sort and the front end is tight as a whistle, and third, every so often when you start the car you will get a squeal from the starter, which i beleive is the bendix gear not returning properly into position, its not all the time, just once in a while, i havent had a problem with it yet. And fourth, the driver window is a little loose in its track, it always goes up and down fine though.

Now the big deal, the price, with everything you see on the car and the other inlcuded parts, im setting a price at 12,000 OBO, if you do the math, with all the stuff and goodies you get, it isnt a bad deal at all, i have many vouches on the cleanlyness of the car (thats spelled wrong for sure lol) and the meticulousness in the work done so low ballers you dont even waste the clicks on your keyboard, i dont care about opinions on value or what KBB has to say, they didnt build the car, i will post more pictures when i take them tomorrow of the interior and whatnot, before delivery of the car it will be thouroughly detailed, including a meguiars m105 compound pass, menzerna 85rd polishing compound pass, and locked in with menzerna powerlock, to ensure you see the way this car really shines, which these pictures dont lie, they arent modified in anyway to make the car look any better than it does, if you have questions please text me at 5705613015

OHHH i will also include a MINT copy of the honda tuning that this car was in the grassroots of!


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GLWS. Didn't you try and sell before on here?

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