FS - Wrecked 99 Civic Si 220K miles

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EM1N8's 99 Si
FS - Wrecked 99 EM1 Civic Si $1500

So on Saturday I took a turn too fast and ran over a storm drain in my neighborhood. The cv axle on the driver side is broken and the left wheel was shoved into the fender. Also the front bumper came off and the radiator core support is bent a little. I can probably fix it but I dont have the time to mess with it. I just bought a new car and so I guess I am putting her up for sale. :cry: I am very sad... this car has been my baby. I have the car on a profile with CC and so you can look at the mods list there just see my signature. I am asking $1500 for her. I am posting pics of the damage here for you.... It does have the original B16A2 all stock internals with about 220K miles on the odometer. There only CEL code before the accident was for the O2 sensor before the cat. It does have a brand new battery and the inspection / registration stickers were done in October.

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