Fuel Pump issues, Sometimes primes and sometimes not

Kvng Cotto

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having trouble on what exactly could be my problem. i have a civic ex with a b20b w new walbro 255. before i replaced the fuel pump, the fuel pump would not prime after not driving it for some time. i tried replacing it to see if that would work but it still has the same issue. when the fuel pump does prime the car runs as it should. the civic also has a new main relay and im positive the geound on the thermostat housing is good. im starting to think it could be my ecu but i dont have another ecu to test. runs on hondata s300. could it be maybe the ignition switch or possibly the wiring to the fuel pump? any help is appreciated thanks


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On my 5th generation, the same problem turned out to be a bad capacitor (Capacitor C14) on the ECU. Capacitor replaced, problem solved. I don't know if this is an issue in the 6th gen.