Fugged Suspention


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I went to install my neuspeed sport springs on saturday and we found something very disturbing. my right rear and right front struts are totally blown. I thought it was leaning because the alignment was out. Anyhow the right rear's bolts won't come out so we would have to use an impact wrench to get it out. Right now my car has a 1.5 inch drop in the front and reg height in the back. It looks like a friggen muscle car. It is understeering pretty bad....but I have been catching some cool drifts. I might as well kill all my struts while I am at it. I just ordered Koni yellows which should come in friday. I just thought I would share my suspention blues with you guys =)!

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That sucks, I helped install gc's and yellows on my friends del sol vtec this weekend and his back to bolts were rusted into the busing and both bolt heads snapped. :thumbdown: