Gauge fuse!

hey i own an ek & i was going on the high way whn suddenly all the gauge stopped (heat, gas, speed, rpm)
so i checked the fuse & i found the 7.5amp fuse is burnt, so i changed it with a 10amp (didn't find a 7.5amp) but as soon as i put the ignition on, the new fuse burnt again, happened like 3 times then i gave up
everything else is working fine even the gauge light
any suggestions?
i don't like going 2 car electricians unless i rly have too!
thanks for reading =)


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You have a short somewhere is my guess and that I what is blowing your fuses. That would mean that you need to trace wiring and check for the problem or get a new one. Yet again only my .02.


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I'd agree with failsafe I had the same problem and it turned out to be a hot wire touching metal soneh

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