Goal to building a circuit track eh2

Not a recent purchasing but I'm slowly building circuit track 93 eh2 hatchback I was thinking about do kanjo style on this one but I decide not to and wanted to go for full circuit track car and I also have 91 Ed6 hatchback that is kanjo style.

I bought an complete H ready Eh2 shell only for $250 from a good friend of mine. It need lot of work as painting, suspension, etcs... but will let the pics speak for itself.
she ain't pretty but she will be when I get her where I want her to be.

Bought a chipped p28 ecu for $100 that ran e85 h22a. Am going to have it re-tune to run on normal gas as 93 octane instead of E85

Also bought a H22a hmo block and Type-SH head off from my good friends for $200 with transmission(unknown if its good or not) will test it once I put it altogether. This block would need timing belt, water pump, clutch kit few things to make it complete and what do you suggest for the clutch kits? ACT? throw me your recommend on clutch kits and Yes I'm gonna buy ultra light flywheel just like I have on b18b1, Also will order PLM Tri-y header for h22a.(Already have one for b18b1)

I still haven't decide if I want to go H2K intake manifold routine or do ITBS instead? I have ITBS for bseries( was thinking bout doing that on ED6 b18b1) I also have spare h22a intake manifold so I might take it apart and send out to welding shop to get it welded for itbs?
I'm not really rushing to complete this building because it need more work than ED6 hatch, Just keep the eyes out for this one.

Well today my good friend delivered my hatch to my home, I left my hatch at his backyard and pay lot fee $50 monthly and decide to talk to my dad out of it and let me bring my hatch to home. 93 honda civic hatchback, the goal is to building her as a Track car, maybe little of Kanjo theme or just a full blown Track car? I'll decide on that later but here the pictures.

my friend load it up last night

it has arrive this morning at 8am, and this fucking sunco stickers is sore-eyes but that been took care of!

Sunco stickers out

and honestly I don't know when the last time she had a car wash but surely she was an dirty whore.

Looking all clean and fresh now..well not that fresh but yeah!

more random pic of my 2 hatches.

and removing sunco stickers on the hood also.


This week or next week I'll probably putting into some work on her such as sanding the hood, rooftop and primer it up. maybe sanding whole body and check if theres any rust spots or whatever and of course Prime it all up.

EDIT-Also bought me kyb gr2 shocks with skunk2 coil overs for $100 from a good friend for eh2 hatch.


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Why did you do all that work.... cause racecar... whats the plans with the EG? Love mine just waitin for the rears to turn...

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Lol exactly! racecar is life! I was thinking about doing another Kanjo theme on this hatch but decide not to since I kinda already have kanjo theme ed6 hatch and definitely would love to make EG track car personally Probably would kinda daily it along with my ED6 lol.


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Their last setup was 2g they have a new system in preorder looks like 3-3500

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Also did the Hood today, not the best but definitely looks better than previous.

Yeah don't mind the dent on the hood lol, Not keeping this hood cause I'm gonna buy Carbon Fiber hood.
Did the some work today! The core would need to have a little adjustment and welded then I'm all set.

Will do more work tomorrow on my day off, will be doing Trunk and fenders.
did some work today! it's starting to coming along nicely and keep it in mind I'm not planning onto make it look perfect or carshow bullshit, This hatch is meant to be racing.

And I order it from ebay on third and said est will arrive on 10th but got it 5 days early, Ain't even mad.

So next week on thursday and friday I'll be working on fenders and re do the hood and maybe put black on the hood instead ofgrey then clear coat it.

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