Good read.


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bahha this story is great

"Tonight I was going out to work to finish up a report. Its a nice cool night and I took the 335i. Well, I was in the slow lane and I see a set of HID lights pull up on my rear bumper fast! WTF?!? It changes lanes and it was a murdered out 350Z. Pretty much he was jabbing at his throttle getting me to run. I just stayed in the slow lane and cruised. After a minute or so of trying the driver side window rolls down and some idiot sticks his hand out and gives me a thumbs down. The guy zooms off and begins weaving through traffic.

I keep my pace and he gets stuck behind traffic. Again I am side by side with this clown and he again tries to get me to run. Well, I end up getting ahead of him, he changes lanes, and he begins to ride my ass. He was so close that I couldnt even see his headlights anymore. That's 1. I take a exit and he follows. Perfect. I call in to my co-worker who was on beat and told him to position himself should this idiot follow me into my city. My lane splits into 2 lanes and he gets beside me. The driver looks over and says," Hey b***h.. lets see what that over priced piece of s**t can do." and begins revving his engine. The light turns green and he peels out. That's 2.

Speed limit is 35 and he is doing about 50+. That's 3. The next light turns red and we end up next to each other again. Once again I get the verbal abuse. Driver: "Come on b***h. I will smoke your ass." The Passenger: "What a fucking pussy." I turn to them and said," You never know.. there might be cops around." Not sure who said it but I heard " f**k the police". The light turns red and he burns out again. That's 4.

My bluetooth goes off and its my partner working beat. I roll up my window and answer my phone. I have him a description of the car and he said he was ready. Light turns green and he sees my partner who has his unit sticking out behind a safeway store and right when he passed my buddy lit his ass up. He pulls over and I pull in behind my buddy and put on my bullet proof vest that was in my trunk.

As my partner backed me up, I went up to the car and identified myself as the police and both of them were in shock. I got his driver license, registration, and insurance. He didn't say anything. I grabbed one of my buddy's cites n hit him up for speeding, exhibition of speed- 2 counts, tinted driver and passenger side windows, and Exhaust. As I filled out the cite I told my buddy to take them out of the car and to tell the driver that his car was getting towed as well.

I went up to the driver and explained to him what I was citing him for and that the Exhibition of Speed was a misdemeanor though we weren't going to arrest him but his car was now mine. He broke down and started to cry!!! Started whimpering and saying " I have finals tomorrow sir! How am I going to get to work?" "Please don't take my car!" The kid was 18 years old and he had to call his dad to pick him up. Needless to say the dad wasn't happy. Tow truck came and took the car. Pretty much he's going to have to pay around 400 bucks to get the car back.

I felt no pity. So lesson is, don't go picking races with people because you never know who you might run into. This kid learned the hard way."


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Hahahah what a moron. I love street ricers.


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very funny lol i also dont feel bad for them at all


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He got what he deserved. I wish more cities/townships could have modified undercover cars on patrol for reasons like this. I would ride with my best friend if she got to do s**t like that all day.


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:like: :like: that story is full of win haha

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