Got a 86 civic

Well I'm new to the Honda scene, but not new to the import cars. My name is Tim and I just bought a 86 civic 4 dr and it has 40,000 original miles on it. The motor does not run and I would like to do a swap on it. I just want to do the basic swap like a LS motor or B16.

From who ever has the most knowledge please let me know EVERYTHING I need to get it done. Thank you!


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1986 with 40k miles? Damn! :shock:.


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pics or it didn't happen

I havent done anything on it yet... Thats why I'm here asking help on what I need to get to make this swap happen. Has anyone here done a swap on a '86 civic? If so I need to know everything needed.

I know motor mounts, Wiring harness, and maybe shift linkage and maybe modify a tranny, but I have no clue...