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Recently just picked up a 99 HX with 143K miles.

Paid $1500, rebuilt title, was hit in drivers side, drivers door was hit, replaced. No frame damage. The car is still straight everywhere else, no rust and is originally a car from WA.

1999 Civic HX Coupe


- D16Y5 w/ 138K (38MPG+ :D)
- Matching transmission, oe replacement clutch, buttery smooth. (70MPH in 2nd gear goodness)
- K&N Drop In Filter

- OEM CTR Shift Boot
- OEM Honda Access Floor Mats
- OEM CRV Cluster
- JVC Single Din
- Pioneer 6x5 Front, Pioneer 6x9 Rear
- Spoon Sports Duracon Shift Knob

- Repainted Vogue Silver Metallic
- OEM Mud Guards
- Replica First Molding Lip

Wheels / Suspension
- Rev9 32-Way Coilovers
- GodSpeed Gen2 Rear Camber Arms
- OEM GSR/Si Front Strut Bar
- Rays Volks OG TE37 15x8 +35
- Sentury UHP 205-50

First picture of the new whip when I brought it home.
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Kind of forgot about this here, here is how the car is sitting.



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Man, that looks really good!
1164 is a bad Pre cat O2 sensor, replaced and fix the problem?


I had a Civic once.
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Looks good man! Super clean :thumbs up


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Yes guys, CEL code is fixed. Used a delphi O2 sensor, it failed (was brand new) so I bought a Denso O2 and it fixed the issue.

Installed MOMO Monte Carlo 350MM w/ NRG Hub & QR. Did a MTF flush on the civic and my 99 crv which isn't pictured. Will probably flush again with AMSOIL MTF, I forgot how thin honda mtf is and definitely just am not a fan of it. Cleaned up the bay but other than that I've just been enjoying her as a DD. Looking for a Si/CTR grill and then maybe an oem si lip.

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